Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pencil Sculptures

The Impossible-Looking Pencil Sculptures of Cerkahegyzo

Cerkahegyzo is a Hungarian artist who transforms common pencils into seemingly digitally-altered works of art. In reality, the miniature sculptor uses just a few basic tools and mountains of patience to create these intricate masterpieces.
Believe it or not, Budapest-based artist Cerkahegyzo manages to produce all these unreal artworks out of a single pencil. Some of his works may give the impression that he somehow fuses together the elements of multiple pencils to achieve the desired effect, but it’s only an optical illusion. He uses razor blades and needles to painstakingly carve away at the lead base and wooden casing, as well as sandpaper, files, and polishing stones to shape his intricate designs. Taking inspiration from established miniature sculptors like Dalton Ghetti, Misuta Tasogare and Kato Jado, the Humgarian master creates all sorts of incredible patterns that leave the viewer wondering “how did he do it?”
A tool-maker by trade, Cerkahegyzo creates his intricate pencil sculptures as a hobby, in his free time. He says carving away at the tiny writing utensils is a form of relaxation after everyday work hours, a way to clear his mind. And I bet the degree of concentration required to make something so complex leaves him unable to think about anything else while he works. 
His pencil tip miniatures are nothing short of impressive, but it’s his pencil chain series that I find the most interesting.


  1. Awesome creativity

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