Thursday, 11 July 2013

Amazing 3D Street Illusions by Edgar Mueller

Who isn’t awed by the amazing 3D street art paintings of Edgar Mueller, and other pavement artists? They create illusions which use a public space, such as urban centers, town squares, streets and sidewalks. 3D pavement art is labelled as a type of performance art in that artists work in view of the general public and people passing by - and get to see their reactions. These people often participate with the art piece by standing near the edge as if trying to avoid falling in, and also pose for photos. The paintings are also temporary, and prone to changes in weather.
3d street art 
Here is what Edgar Mueller has to say when questioned about the effect he wants his street paintings to have on people: “Beside the personal messages, questions and sometimes answers in my paintings I'm questioning experienced daily perception of people by changing the appearance of public places.”

Evolution - Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller Evolution

Evolution is a 3d street art project by Edgar Mueller completed in Portobello Square, London England – July, 2012.

The Crevasse - Edgar Mueller

The Crevasse Pavement Art

I have seen this 3d street art several times shared by people on Facebook and Pinterest. This piece was created at Dun Laoghaire, Ireland (2008) as part of the Festival of World Culture.

The Waterfall - Edgar Mueller

The Waterfall 3d pavement art

This 3D pavement art piece was created in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada - July, 2007.

Mysterious Cave – London - Edgar Mueller

Mysterious Cave London

This is part of a series of cave 3d street paintings done in different locations in Europe. This one was completed in London, England in March, 2011.

Duality - Edgar Mueller

duality 3d street painting

Duality is the first of Edgar Mueller’s series Unconditional Love, completed in Teplistan, Moscow - August, 2010.

Where do I go - Edgar Mueller

3d chalk art

Another in Edgar Mueller’s Unconditional Love series is Where do I Go, a pavement painting completed in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico - December, 2010.

Phoenix - Edgar Mueller

phoenix pavement painting

Phoenix is also another pavement painting in Edgar Mueller’s Unconditional Love series. This one was completed in Grand Rapids, USA in 2011.

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