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Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the World

Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the World

Volcanoes are usually less dangerous than other natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. But there is no good answer if you don’t limit it into a specific context: which volcano? Dangerous to what: people, property, etc.?

Volcanoes have a serious of hazards like lava flows, ash fall, pyroclastic flows, and climate changes on a global scale that relate into different dangers or risks. The risks when visiting an active volcano depend on which risk zones of the volcano are visited and for how long.

Here I have compiled some of the most dangerous volcanos of the world.
Ojos del Salado Volcano
Ojos del Salado 6,893 meters is on Argentina-Chile border. It is the second highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and the highest in Chile.
Llullaillaco Volcano
Llullaillaco 6,739 meters is also located on Argentina-Chile border. It lies in Atacama Desert, one of the driest places in the world. Llullaillaco is the second highest active volcano in the world,
Guallatiri Volcano
Guallatiri lies just west of the border with Bolivia and Chile. It is a symmetrical 6071 m high ice-clad stratovolcano.
Licancabur Volcano
Licancabur 5,920 meters is located on Bolivia-Chile Range Andes .The 70 by 90 meter crater lake at the summit is believed to be the highest lake in the world, and despite air temperatures of -30 °C it contains numerous living creatures.
Cotopaxi Volcano
Cotopaxi 5,897 meters is located in Ecuador. There have been more than 50 eruptions of Cotopaxi since 1738. Experts believe another eruption may come soon from this famous volcano.
San José Volcano
San José 5850 meters is located in Chile in the mountain Range Andes. Eruptions of San Jose Volcano occurred in years 1960, 1959, 1895-97, 1889-90, 1881, and 1838.
El Misti Volcano
El Misti is located in Peru. With its snow-capped, perfect cone, El Misti stands at 5,822 m and lies between the mountain Chachani and the volcano Pichu-Pichu. This impressive mountain is visible almost year-round, but especially during winter.
Antisana Volcano
Antisana 5,753 Meters is located in Ecuador. The village near it is unique in that the inhabitants cook over pits of magma, and are one of the only cultures to live without ovens.
Ubinas Volcano
Ubinas 5,672 meters located in Moquegua Region of Peru.It is the Peru’s most active volcano. Debris-avalanche deposits from the collapse of the SE flank of Ubinas extend 10 km from the volcano.
Lascar Volcano
Lascar 5,592 meters is located in Northern Chile and is the most active volcano of the Chile. Frequent small-to-moderate explosive eruptions have been recorded but the largest historical eruption of Lascar took place in 1993, producing pyroclastic flows to 8.5 km NW of the summit and ash fall in Buenos Aires.

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