Friday, 12 June 2015

DIY : Bohemian Dreamcatcher

DIY : Bohemian Dreamcatcher


1. Suede fabric
2. Embroidery hoop
3. Feathers
4. String of pearls
5. Gold spray paint
6. Fabric doily
7. Scissors
8. Glue gun
9. Thread


1. Cut out a long strip of fabric to wrap around the embroidery hoop. Secure the ends of the fabric to the hoop with a glue gun. Use as many strips as needed to cover the entire hoop.

2. Attach the fabric doily to one side of the hoop with a glue gun. Cut away any extra sections that hang over the edges.

3. Next you’ll need to play around with the placement of the pearl strands. Once you’re happy with the design, glue the ends to the inner portion of the hoop and allow time to dry.

4. Cut a few strips of fabric to glue to the inner bottom half of the hoop. Feel free to make them as long as you’d like!

5. For the feathers, you can create a “gold-dipped” look by covering up a portion of each feather with paper, and spray painting the other half with gold spray paint. Give the feathers a few minutes to dry before handling them.

6. To attach the feathers, tightly wrap the stem of the feather and the end of a fabric strip with thread. Once the feather feels secure, tie the end of the thread into a knot. Continue to add as many feathers as you’d like!


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