Thursday, 26 February 2015

Extreme Close-Ups Of Everyday Items Which Amazes You

Extreme Close-Ups Of Everyday Items Which Amazes You

Photographer and visual artist Pyanek is on a mission to reveal a whole new world that lies right before your very eyes, but one which you've never experienced until now.
Using a Canon T3i (600D/Kiss X5) with the kit lens reversed, HeliconFocus for some focus stacking and Lightroom and Exposure 5 for editing, he’s created the series ‘Amazing Worlds Within Our World
The final result is jaw-dropping collection of extreme close-up photographs, that seem him capturing all manner of everyday objects in microscopic and crystal clear detail.

Art should be free. I will never ask for money in exchange for my work, you are free to download, view, share and hopefully for enjoy
His subjects include apple stalks, ballpoint Pen tips, book pages, tea bags and even cornflakes - all unrecognizable due to Pyanek's intense magnified perspective. For example, what appears as a brilliant diamond on first glance is actually a grain of sugar.
As you scroll through his work, see if you can guess the original material in each of his images. We've added their real names below so you see if you've guessed correctly.
A Grain Of White Sugar
Beach Stone
Pages From A Book
Tea Bags
An Apple Stalk
Incense Stick
Tip of a Ballpoint Pen
A Cornflake
Soap Foam
Serrated Knife
A Brass Key
A Kitchen Sponge
'X' Key on a keyboard
Spaghetti Noodle


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