Friday, 18 March 2016

Sculptural Lamps Crafted from Gourds Project

These Beautiful Gourds Lamps Come To Life At Night

Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński transforms calabash (bottle gourds) into carefully handcrafted, intricately carved lamps that illuminate their surroundings with brilliant displays of light. The unique sculptures are beautiful by day, but they become truly magical in the dark as light shines through thousands of holes to project radiant designs and patterns around the room.
"By day, my lamp is a unique sculpture, while at night, the light breathes new life into that sculpture, seeping through intricately carved wood and passing through thousands of holes," Krawczyński says. "Flowing shadows fill the space and cast the patterns on the surrounding surfaces, which turns each interior into scenes [of] breathtaking spectacle. The hypnotizing light can create dreamlike, romantic atmospheres in bedrooms, as well as calm and peaceful vibes in home offices or living rooms. Regardless of place, the play of light is feast for the eyes."


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